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UniversityThe Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Lead DesignersChen Yingyi
CreditsPhotographer :Shaorou Ding
Prize(s)Bronze in Other Fashion Designs / Recycle / Sustainable fashion
Entry Description

Now, the exploration of new materials of "sustainable fashion" is a necessary link to make fashion sustainable. Clothing is the second skin of body. Designers can give sustainable vitality to fashion. This is a suit made of zero waste material, suitable for daily.The main materials are degradable plastic, leather and hair. Degradable plastics are provided by relevant manufacturers; Leather and hair are recycled from the workshop and the barbershop. As the years go by,it will degraded completely.


YingyiChen is currently a graduate student majoring in fashion design. Her works have a certain pioneering nature, her works are the combination of different materials of craft research, showing a unique temperament.She is good at stage costume design, and has close cooperation with Guangzhou Modern Dance Company and Guangdong Song&Dance Ensemble in stage costume design and production.

Other Awards and Prizes

2019, “STYGIAN”, the special award, sino-french saint-etienne design competition, Guangzhou/China.
2020, "Transfiguration" and"Precious Skin", the Third Prize , the second CFDC innovative future design competition,Guangzhou/China.
2020, "Hair & Skin", "The metamorphosis of human", excellence award ,The second CFDC innovative future design competition,Guangzhou/China.
2020, "Hair&Skin", "The metamorphosis of human",bronze,2020CADA International Conceptual Art Award.
2020,"Precious Skin" and"Transfiguration",bronze,2020CADA International Conceptual Art Award.