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Different Faces of Landscape Aroma Jewelry Series

CompanyAvant Guard Fashion, Inc.
Lead DesignersPo-Yun Wang
Design TeamYu-Yun Wang
Prize(s)Bronze in Avant-garde / Women
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Inspired by the Shan Shui painting ,Chinese landscape ink painting, created by Jieyin Wang and Hongda Huang. We Interpreted the concept via 3D technology. Allowing to reappear the meticulous outline of the mountains with two materials - silver and Special Nylon. The spirits of the design fulfilled through demonstrating the complexity of the structure. The folds and layers is the pivot point to bring painting world into our vivid world. With 3D technology to fulfill, the same landscape, with different perspective. Aroma light luxury jewelry applies 3D nylon printing aim to fragrance jewelry.