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MOVEMENT: forming the subconscious

UniversitySavannah College of Arts and Design
Lead DesignersCaroline Lauvetz
CreditsPhoto by: Violet McJunkin
Prize(s)Bronze in Pret-a-porter / Women
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Entry Description

Originally formed from my observation of movement, this collection transformed into experimentation on muscle memory. What is muscle memory? A muscle memory movement is a movement that has become so natural that it is preformed in a subconscious state. With these muscle memory movements, these subconscious movements, what is the purpose of my collection? As my title states, 'MOVEMENT: forming the subconscious,' the goal is to transform, manipulate, and create a new subconscious movement.
4 Elements:
Space vs. Lack of Space
Outline of Garment
Garment within Garment
Rotation through Garment


Caroline Lauvetz is a recent graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Fashion Design and a minor in Fibers. Caroline is a womenswear designers with a specialization in knitwear. With a general interest in textile manipulations, she often finds herself in the dye lab, knit lab, or wet lab. Over the past year, Caroline has developed a love for natural dyes, specifically indigo. Quite often, she has indigo vat in her studio space and play with old shibori techniques. Caroline's work has often been described as intellection, inquisitive, and tactile. She is always curious