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Machiya connected to the town void

Company University of Toyama Faculty of Art and Design
Lead DesignersTenshin Yokoyama, Kazuya Fujii, Masashi Ouji
Project Location Nakagawasono-machi, Takaoka City, Toyama, Japan
Client Kazuya Fujii
CreditsPhoto by Hiraku Ikeda
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Low cost housing
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Entry Description

In Machiya residential area, houses are built close to the next house and vacant houses are demolished. Therefore, bare empty land, which is surrounded by the walls of the neighboring houses, is created. As time passes, neighboring residents park their cars or care for the plant in a sunny place. The empty land is used in a variety of ways, but the space is very public and lacks privacy. It is a “city void”.
By utilizing city voids and neighboring walls on both sides of a property, we can create an indoor and outdoor flow. Through city voids, our living area is gradually connected with town.