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UniversityThe Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Lead DesignersBingrou Chen
CreditsPhotographer Yiting Li
Prize(s)Silver in Textile And Materials / New Materials, Silver in Textile And Materials / Textile Design, Bronze in Other Fashion Designs / Recycle / Sustainable fashion
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Entry Description

This design is made from rubber rings by a special weaving craft suitable for annular materials. Girls dream to wear beautiful dresses like a stars, however, the high price put them off. Requirement of social etiquette that people should not wear the same dress in many times causes a certain amount of waste. I hope fashion is not just about the elaborate and expensive dresses on fashion shows, but something available to all of us. The goal was to find and use the materials that can be found in daily life, and, convert them into wearable designs and high fashion by an easily weaving technique.