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UniversityUniversity of Technology, Sydney
Lead DesignersPatricia Julia Ibañez
CreditsP: Daniel Harden, M: Martyn Reyes (Rïn Models)
Prize(s)Bronze in Textile And Materials / Textile Design, Gold in Other Fashion Designs / Other Fashion designs
Entry Description

'Hypnagogia' is a personal exploration of the fleeting moments in a dreamlike state - the emotions behind these experiences are manipulated and distorted to create tension in the body. These are the kind of half-dream memories that, as a child, we tried our hardest to repress. In turn, they often become warped when we attempt to uncover them. It manifests beauty in fear from wakefulness to sleep, to wakefulness.
Denim is distorted into the fluidity of knitted panels that unravel and warp the body, disintegrating to reveal one's most vulnerable state. It is eerie yet beautiful at the same time.

Other Awards and Prizes

ISKO Denim Scholarship Recipient, University of Technology Sydney, 2019