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You don't have to be a 'Suit'

Lead DesignersYongki Lee
Design TeamYongki Lee, Jaeho Cho, Hyungoo Kang, Hyunjae Jeong
Prize(s)Silver in Pret-a-porter / Men, Bronze in Other Fashion Designs / Other Fashion designs, Silver in Haute Couture / Men
Entry Description

There was a kid named ‘Jogger’
He wanted a successful life, and he heard that “You have to be a Suit” a lot. He worked hard to develop. But he couldn't become a 'Suit', because he is a 'Jogger' And he faced many restrictions.

Every time he tried to attend an awards ceremony, He had to hear this
“You can't attend the awards ceremony.”
“You are Jogger, not a Suit”
“You have to be a Suit”
The story above is not about only clothes, it is about our story that in the face of racial, cultural and environmental constraints.

We try to show that we all can go to the awards of life, through our Jogger.