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The Princess and the Pea

CompanyShenzhen Qingdouchukai Technology Co.,Ltd
Lead DesignersGuoqiang Wang
Design TeamNingbo Fonu Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd
Project LocationShenzhen City
ClientShenzhen Qingdouchukai Technology Co.,Ltd
CreditsPhoto By Jiahui Hu
Prize(s)Silver in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
Entry Description

The design of this pea-shaped suction vibrator is inspired by the pea which makes it hard for a princess to fall asleep in Andersen's fairy tales. It helps effectively reduce sexual shame and anxiety in novices with its elegant shape. Its body is made of fully enclosed and seamless soft silica gel to fit females’ curves, which ensures a comfortable grip and use. The product has a wireless charging organizer, with a deep ultraviolet sterilizing lamp inside to ensure its hygiene. The organizer can also be used as a night light to create a cozy ambiance while in use.