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Connected Life & Work

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Gold in Multimedia / Interactive Media
Entry Description

Deutsche Telekom “Connected Life & Work”

With its vision of “Connected Life & Work” the Deutsche Telekom is going along with people’s everyday life. Part of this strategy is that everybody can reach his digital content like photos, music, games and videos with different communication and internet services, independently of any access and terminal device. Because of its ease of use, nearly everybody is able to get in touch with the digital world.

Therefore the Deutsche Telekom is developing and designing products and services, enabling the handler to use all his digital content with simplicity and joy: at home, on the move or at work.

As a central platform “Connected Life & Work” is using a web based memory for the whole digital content. It could be saved, managed and shared with personal contacts via computer, cell phone or television.

In addition to that the interaction and implementation should facilitate individual and emotional moments, everybody knows from the analog world, which now also can be experienced in a digital environment. Turning a page in a photo album or listen to music on a MP3-Player, conveying a feeling of a natural experience.

This creative profoundness and quality can be found within all design elements – from the small icon right up to the logic of the interaction using the “Connected Life & Work” product portfolio.