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Revolution Silicone Utensils

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Revolution Premium Silicone Utensils

Revolution Premium Silicone Utensils were borne out of the need to improve cooking utensils to better adapt to the manner in which consumers hold and utilize the implements while performing common kitchen tasks such as mixing, scraping, stirring, breaking up foods and removing contents from jars. Based upon highly focused research, the company identified the specific tasks where ordinary utensils underperformed. To address the issues, the company developed Revolution Premium Silicone Utensils including six new blade designs—a jar scraper, three spatulas, a spoon and a basting brush— all with multi-functional, integrated features to effectively accommodate specific cooking and baking tasks.

Additionally, research showed grip loss in handle rotation was prevalent with cylindrical shaped handles, requiring users to exert significantly more energy. To rectify the issue, the company designed a handle, produced with an exclusive 18-step manufacturing process, which effectively stopped the hand from slipping and rotating in the grip during use. The handle was made to have an elliptical and non-uniform shape with a varying circumference to comfortably fit in the hand and prevent slippage. Three signature rings at the center provide additional control and quick orientation in the grip and a flared end creates a natural stop for the hand, especially as related to more rigorous food preparation tasks.


I am the Public Relations Account Supervisor for Le Creuset. We work very closely with the marketing team and are helping them with the awareness of the new silicone utensil design. These new utensils currently have one patent and 2 more pending on the design.

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