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Lead Designers
Prize(s)Emerging Architectural Design of the Year
Entry Description

People are all different, yet the majority of the residential apartments that we live in are the same. The housings today consist of identical boxes stacked upon one another in repetition; with no relation whatsoever to the type of life or person that we are.

The main idea of this project is derived from this issue: the design concept is to create personalized living to express differentiation and identity. Units will no longer be mundane and mere duplications; a personal connection between men and housing results.

There are a total of 5 different unit types in this design; with differences ranging from inner courtyards to double volume spaces. The units are designed in relation with one another for the sake of achieving amalgamation: the act of combining different units through modularity. A multitude of possibilities results as the units are interlinked with one another in an unsystematic way; contrasting volume to void and intrusion against extrusion; allowing the residents to configure and define their own units.