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Nest of Dreams

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Renovation
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Entry Description

Free as a flight of birds that after a great day, come home to a safe sanctuary, created the warmth of family togetherness and to rest for tomorrow.

The concept is about a beautiful prelude showcasing the elements of a bird’s nest, depicting a safe abode for people flying high in their lives and dreams.

The entrance from the carpark is proportionately larger to capture the view of the interior. The front entrance shares a pattern of black stainless steel to depict strength with clear glass panels, allowing the bright natural light to be a part of the form.

The sense of the nest comes through with the strong colours of the dark granite and stones living beside the warm and soft touch of wood. Mirrors and lights were used to raise the look of the ceiling and accentuate the corridor space.

The ceiling above the concierge created a jagged pattern synonymous with the way a nest is constructed – of parts interlinked yet confident of being a sure shelter.

The eye-catching bird-shaped pattern cut into two back-lit panels is the main attraction and sets the visuals for the design theme. From a glance it might seem that the bird patterns are grooved everywhere. Closer observation reveals that it’s really reflecting off the two main panels, artfully prescribed to create that very illusion.

Accompanied by the back lights coming off the square patterns placed equally on the granite walls, the whole ambience speaks of solidness, safety and strength of structure.

To further exemplify safety, and strength, the lift interior is built of heavy-duty materials. The Shell Mosaic tiles and Stoneslice panels give a touch of elegance as well.

On the fringes you will notice several art pieces picked to set the theme and natural warmth of wood to represent the essence of a beautiful nest.