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NEOZ UNO Cordless Lamp System

Lead DesignersPeter Ellis
Prize(s)Gold in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Outdoor Lighting, Silver in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Urban Sustainable Design
Entry Description

The NEOZ UNO Cordless Lamps are a new range of rechargeable Lithium-ion battery operated LED table lamps providing cordless illumination for commercial hospitality and home environments.

The UNO Lamp control module incorporates a single high capacity Lithium–ion rechargeable battery cell powering a 1W LED light source in a slim compact form with dimming and special effect modes controlled by a single base switch.
The Lamp control module locates to the existing NEOZ cordless lamp and illuminated furniture range. This includes the latest Cooee diffuser range.

The key features, includes

1. Energy and cost efficient:
We have reduced power consumption by 80% by designing a 1W LED bulb matched to a single 2600mAh 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery while increasing light output (60 Lumens) when compared to a traditional 5W Halogen lamp. The new light source maintains an excellent color rendering of 95+ CRI with a life rating of 50,000 hours.

2. Compact slim linear form options:
The lighter single battery cell allows for a compact vertical orientation and enables a slim range of lamp housings improving light distribution on horizontal surfaces. The slimmer form also improves internal shadowing within the standard range of diffusers

3. Modular design:
The UNO lamp control is designed to locate into the new ‘Cooee’ diffuser range and fits all NEOZ lamp diffusers. The new system recharges on all standard NEOZ charging options of single base station, 12 lamp tray, 24 and 48 lamp Trolley platform to suit end users need.

4. Sustainable design:

Every component has been designed to be serviceable, replaceable and recyclable.
Consumables such as the Battery cell and LED lamp are all user replaceable.
Solar powered recharging system can also be used to recharge the UNO Cordless Lamps.