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CHI on Jardine's Lookout

Lead DesignersWesley Liu
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

A harmonious interaction of 'Chi' enhancing Feng Shui and modern contemporary design was the foundation of this apartment design.

Based on Traditional Feng Shui, the Main Entrance is a very important space as this is the focal point where Chi is channeled, constantly replenishing and circulating throughout the living spaces, enhancing the well being of its occupants. It is the ‘Mouth of Chi’, as with the human body, the front door is also the way nutrition (energy) enters home. The position of the Main Entrance door has thusly been carefully considered to nourish the house and cultivate the health and wealth of the family.

Walking into the Living Area, a feature that immediately catches the eye is the inbuilt fish tank set within the display shelving, another important feature and purposefully positioned to Traditional Feng Shui methodology. There is a sense of fun and liveliness resulting from the irregularity of the display shelving, the free style Ligne Roset Togo Sofa and the colour rich Paul Smith swirl design carpet.

The Dining Room was designed to create a direct connection to the open Kitchen. Alongside the dining table is a long work top with a recessed ceramic hob, designed for use while hosting guests. The ample space within the Dining Area allows the dining table to be extended, accommodating additional guests.

The colour palette used for the Study Room incorporates a green and natural tone, generating more Chi, which in turn promotes study and work. Additionally the room was purposely kept to a minimalistic design, allowing for a room use change for any new members to the family.

As a whole, the project was planned and designed to allow natural energy, Chi, to enter the apartment and flow smoothly, enhancing the harmonious and relaxing atmosphere throughout the entire living spaces.