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KOTUR #getsmartbag

Lead DesignersFiona Kotur Marin
ClientFiona Kotur Marin
Prize(s)Silver in Accessory / Bags
Project LinkView
Entry Description

In keeping with the essence of KOTUR’s small bags with big personalities, we wanted to
design a bag with a unique multi-function. In this digital age, a deciding factor for many
customers is whether a bag will fit their phone. Our answer to this question was to design
a chic, bold and new concept of a phone case that attaches to the exterior of a functional
The #getsmartbag has a chic, streamlined design that securely clips in an iPhone 5/5S and
redefines the concept of a clutch: elegant style for modern living. The magnetic flip
provides the convenience for picture taking from both front and rear camera. The chic
brocade-lined compartment holds your essentials (credit cards, cash and lipstick), and the
drop in cross body chain is perfect for a hands-free outing and people on the go for day
and night. The practicality of never having to fumble in a bag to find your phone to take
or make a call, check emails and messages is also unparalleled. This innovative and fresh
design speaks to our modern era where women are negotiating fashion and technology in a
chic new way.
The #getsmartbag is available in snakeskin, embossed croc/stripe and Swarovski crystals,
and ranges from USD$395-USD$795. *Patent pending.