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Magic Bubble (logo)

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Corporate Identity
Entry Description

Magic Bubble is a high-end center for early childhood education. The client would like to have a logo which is not only attractive to children and their parents, but also is stressing the company mission: To provide a space for children to learn freely and develop their potentials in many interesting ways. The English name delivers that exact message: Imagination with no boundaries.

Based on the core brand concept - limitless imagination - , and inspired by its English name, we used the shape of a bubble and a heart to create the logo. Bubble stands for inspiration and imagination and wonderful thing; bubbles are enchanting, magical, charming, and beautiful. The heart stands for children’s curiosity, for the unknown, and for parents caring. Besides, yellow and blue colors are children-favored colors which makes the logo appear warm, sweet and full of love.As a whole, the logo not only reflects the brand concept, but also looks fresh, modern, and imaginative.

On March 10, 2013, the client invited children and their parents, partners, and media to witness the launch of the new logo and experience the learning space for children. People were impressed by how creative the logo design was and how beautiful the space was arranged based on logo visual identity system. The client also appreciated the relentless efforts done by us.


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Fabian ever studied Political Science at renowned University of California Berkeley in the United States, worked at Press & Public Affairs Office of the European Union office in Washington D.C., and Los Angeles Superior Court

Other Awards and Prizes

Since 2013, Dongdao has won 20 Good Design Australia awards, 48 Good Design Chicago awards, 13 Reddot awards, 9 Design for Asia awards, 23 German Design Awards, 23 Golden pin Design Awards, 26 iF awards, 44 A'Design Award & Competition, and 21 IDA awards.