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Pont Mutin

Lead DesignersMichiya Tsukano
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Conceptual
Entry Description

"Small house" does not necessarily mean narrow dwellings. In modern times, thanks to the development of infrastructure and equipment, the need to live in urban areas is decreasing, a minimalist way of living in a natural rich land may be one example of the "small but rich house" in the modern times. To this end, a simple residential space to cover the basic behavior under a single roof is required. To avoid damaging the natural systems by building works as much as possible, I was seeking a construction method to minimize the physical contact between nature and architecture.

The form of this roof is a manifestation of the moment distribution. By replacing the moment force caused by the uniformly distributed load directly onto the truss, is possible to create a space free of pillars with a span of 20 m with only 3 pillars at the four corners. As if floating roof in the middle of the forest, this primitive roof connects the dwelling and the surrounding environment seamlessly, and, at the same time brings the culture and comfort to the living environment.