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The concept of urban vacations

Prize(s)Gold in Interior Design / Commercial
Entry Description

Holiday rustic , The concept of urban vacations
Started from the basic elements of detail and natural textures, working gradually towards generating spatial symbols that integrate the colors of vertical lines and surfaces. The flow and harmony of the entire space is achieved, openly expressing the overall sense of beauty. Spaces are presented in its extremes to accentuate its innate opulence.
Winding, straight, and planar blocks of wood are placed at appropriate locations to represent natural elements. Each space has been composed in a variety of methods, with clever partitioning of each functional area, transforming the interfaces of each spatial layer so that visitors could simply breeze through each area. Rhythmic and free forming lines slowly shift perspectives, rendering reality into the spiritual fantasy, projecting the innermost desire for a serene rustic vacation. Different functions congregate and merge in the meandering spaces, with ridges naturally forming at the intersections to generate novel spatial landscapes.