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The Little Burro

Lead DesignersKurt Rampton, Bob Gibson
Prize(s)Bronze in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
Entry Description

The Little Burro is a landscaping innovation that gives pros and consumers more functionality in their wheelbarrow. The Little Burro carries tools and provides secure hauling while maintaining the space inside the wheelbarrow for standard use. The main surface of the Little Burro can carry plant trays, 80lbs of topsoil, or a 5-gallon bucket. The covered storage compartment provides space for personal items like mobile phones, keys, or wallet. The support hooks with molded elastomeric grips securely hold rakes and shovels, while smaller compartments hold small tools and beverages.

The unique undercarriage design allows The Little Burro to fit all the most popular wheelbarrows. And the rigid structure is designed to be light enough to easily lift off the wheelbarrow but strong enough to support an 80lb bag of cement.


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