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Escort:Safety Wayfinding Signage Design Exhibition

Lead DesignersProf. Tingyi S. Lin
Prize(s)Gold in Print / Logos, Trademarks and Symbols
Entry Description

Establishing a Wayfinding Signage system will result in a population’s heightened understanding and awareness of emergency and safety information. The wide public distribution of aesthetic and functional design visuals will inform and train people to immediately recognize signage information and assist them to respond to different emergency situations with reduced confusion, anxiety and stress. “Escort: Safety Wayfinding Signage Design Exhibition” is a partial result from the Shelters and Materials Management Project, World Design Capital Taipei 2016: Adaptive City effort. The VID team is pleased to present this design exhibition, which focuses on the creation of a concise, uniform and aesthetically pleasing and informative visual signage design system. This exhibition focuses on two signage system phases; the Normative and the Featured phases. The Normative phase features existing national public signs, while the Featured phase, an extension of the Normative, presents an independent Wayfinding Signage system. Visitors attending this exhibition are invited to view and to become acquainted through simulation activity with this user-friendly community-based emergency and safety Wayfinding Signage Design system.