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Daniel Caven

CreditsDaniel Caven
Category Architecture/Interior
Project Description

In wake of COVID-19, isolating safely has become a top priority but often falls at the hands of removing yourself entirely from social interaction and communicating with the outside world. Oriel, inspired by oriel bay windows, aims to bridge that loneliness divide with a flexible barrier that can easily be installed into any doorway, allowing for daily interaction while honoring social distancing. Rather than an isolation ?pod?, Oriel can transform just about any space into a safe isolation zone while still maintaining a social element through a translucent and acoustically-friendly window.
WATG consulted with various medical professionals for Oriel?s practicality and safety considerations, including a hospice nurse, an ER doctor, and a Physician in Charge. Through their feedback, Oriel?s functionality could not only alleviate the mental anguish of self-isolation, but serve as a positive reinforcement in homes, apartment buildings, hospice care facilities, and even healthcare facilities.

(5 Jpegs + Detailed Design Booklet PDF)