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Category Architecture/Interior
Project Description

Hexa Pod can be placed wherever needed. The modular unit is customizable, designed for those with COVID-19 symptoms working as live / work isolation pod providing safe and comfort environment.

Later, it can be used as a private office, an additional room, or a completely-equipped small home.

It is a multipurpose furnishing system composed from a series of units with the same section and variable areas, containing all the elements required for living in a minimum space.
The modular system can adapt to user needs, from living systems (sleeping, relaxing, adjustable work space) to kitchenette and washroom, it is also customizable in size and function.
Leaving as much flexibility to select between various units; design and multiple configurations as possible.

Infection Control was considered throughout the design process and material choice, the prefabricated units are made of lightweight metal frames, cladded with aluminum sheets to illuminate the virus spreading through surfaces transmission. The units that form the pod stack together via magnetic locks, to connect various alternatives together depending on the users request.

As for ventilation, a negative pressure was created to allow air flow into the isolation pod. Trolley outside the pod can be reached through a window for passing food and patients needs to avoid direct contact with patient.

The final Hexa-pod consists of three modular units with a total of 19-square meters, Less or more units can be used as needed. Costs can start at $1,000 based on the design choices and the unit selected.

The unit is environmentally friendly, when reaching the end of its life cycle, the aluminum can be transferred as desired and recycled. Having windows for daylight is a sustainable energy efficiency strategy, moreover rooftop solar panels can also be supplied to produce renewable energy when placed outdoor.