Winners Ranking

IDA's Winners Ranking

No Total Points DESC | ASC Name Country ASC | DESC Awards
1200FXFOWLEUnited States2 Gold,
2200Nvidia CorporationUnited States1 Gold, 2 Silver,
3200Ioanna KourbelaGreece2 Gold,
4200Venue Inc.Japan1 Silver, 6 Bronze,
5200Chul Min KangUnited States2 Gold,
6200Scott MellorAustralia1 Gold, 2 Silver,
7200Omer ArbelCanada1 Gold, 2 Silver,
8200Research project of the department of architecture...Germany2 Gold,
9200Hugon KowalskiPoland1 Gold, 2 Silver,
10200National Taiwan University of Science and Technolo...Taiwan2 Gold,
11200Ashish GuptaUnited Kingdom2 Gold,
12200AraksUnited States1 Gold, 2 Silver,
13200Descente Korea Ltd. / Le Coq Sportif Golf Collecti...Korea, Republic of2 Gold,
14200ZO-loft architecture & designItaly1 Gold, 2 Silver,
15200National Taiwan University of Science and Technolo...Taiwan2 Gold,
16200Tim Belonax and Christopher Simmons.United States1 Gold, 2 Silver,
17200CADAVERUnited States2 Gold,
18200Sayuri Shoji in collaboration with Marc Jacobs, Co...Japan2 Gold,
19200Cybex GmbHGermany1 Gold, 2 Silver,
20200Alison Chan Student at University of Hong kong ( ...Hong Kong2 Gold,
21200Islamic Art University of TabrizIran (Islamic Republic of)2 Gold,
22200Marie-Laurence StévignyBelgium2 Gold,
23200Reich and Petch Design InternationalCanada2 Gold,
24200Su.YeonUnited States2 Gold,
25200Savio AlphonsoUnited States2 Gold,
26200Henning Larsen ArchitectsDenmark2 Gold,
27200Andrew Chong Chin ChuanUnited Kingdom2 Silver, 4 Bronze,
28200Guanqun Wang, Xiaoqian DongUnited States2 Gold,
29200golde graphic designGermany3 Silver, 2 Bronze,
30200National Taiwan University of Science and Technolo...Taiwan1 Gold, 2 Silver,
31200TrunksterUnited States2 Gold,
32200Elemental8United States2 Gold,
33200Chris LiuUnited States1 Gold, 2 Silver,
34200Lindsay Dunbar, Andrew GeorgeAustralia2 Gold,
35200Carrasco BarcelóSpain2 Gold,
36200Ihor ShadkoUnited States2 Gold,
37200Yashin KemalUnited Kingdom2 Gold,
38200Sloan Kulper, Audrey RoyUnited States2 Gold,
39200Zaha Hadid with Woody YaoUnited States2 Gold,
40200PRISM DESIGNChina1 Gold, 2 Silver,
41200XEX / XCEEDHong Kong1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze,
42200TOFU StudioPoland1 Gold, 2 Silver,
43200E WHA LIMUnited Kingdom2 Gold,
44200Humanscale Healthcare with Shea + LatoneUnited States1 Gold, 2 Silver,
45200Mighty Studios. Tark Abed, Marc Mendoza, Tony Nguy...United States2 Gold,
46200Luise Blank, Matthias Jaschke, Ulrike KruseGermany2 Gold,
47200UVANetherlands2 Gold,
48200Marc HoltUnited States2 Gold,
49200Coldefy & Associates, Sou FujimotoFrance, Metropolitan2 Gold,
50200Cheng Tan, Kevin LiAustralia2 Gold,
51200Juan Carlos Baumgartner / SpAceMexico1 Gold, 2 Silver,
52200GOH Yong Yau, Lwin Mun Tin THEIN, TAN, Eng Teck, C...Singapore1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze,
53200Josh TurnerUnited Kingdom2 Gold,
54200NXY Group design teamIsrael2 Gold,
55200Pininfarina E-voluzione Netherlands2 Gold,
56200Mary PingUnited States2 Gold,
57200Fisker AutomotiveUnited States2 Gold,
58200Yasuyuki Kawanishi, Yuri Sasai and Tomohiro Himeno...Japan2 Gold,
59200Munchkin, Inc.United States2 Gold,
60200Katarzyna NizinkiewiczPoland2 Gold,
61200Chung Yuan Christian UniversityTaiwan2 Gold,
62200Steven W. Ward, Paul M. TaylorUnited States1 Gold, 4 Bronze,
63200Genuine Labs LimitedHong Kong2 Gold,
64200Mollie CulliganUnited States1 Gold, 2 Silver,
65200Johanna KeimeyerGermany2 Gold,
66175KAMITOPEN Architecture-Design Office co.,ltd.Japan1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
67175Wordsmith AdvertisingTurkey2 Silver, 3 Bronze,
68175Azin ShammaUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
69175noneUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
70175 Marko VuckovicUnited States3 Silver, 1 Bronze,
71175Lucie Lebaz, Reza Bassiri France1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
72175Lauren Rottet, FAIA, FIIDAUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
73175Luca AndrisaniUnited States2 Silver, 3 Bronze,
74175CasperUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
75175Camelbak ProductsUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
76175Gold MantisChina1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
77175Ryszard RychlickiPoland1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
78175Ching-Ping Chang, Chih-Li Tang, Chun-Erh Yeh, L...Taiwan2 Silver, 3 Bronze,
79175Berkcan OkarTurkey1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
80175CplusC Architectural WorkshopAustralia1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
81175Marcio Kogan (author), Samanta Cafardo (co-athor),...Brazil3 Silver, 1 Bronze,
82175GenslerUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
83175Matisse Design LtdHong Kong1 Gold, 3 Bronze,
84175Ben Wong / Jane Tse / Alex LingHong Kong2 Silver, 3 Bronze,
85175M&C Saatchi MENA / Brandcentral Designer: Jessy S...Qatar1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
86175jekyll & hydeItaly1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
87175CorviIndia2 Silver, 3 Bronze,
88175WecreateHong Kong1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
89175JCY - Andrew Rogerson, Libby Guj, Scott McConn, Jo...Australia1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
90175Elliot ChavesUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
91175Ilya BaranovRussian Federation1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
92175Jessica Birchfield for Moen Global Design GroupUnited States3 Silver, 1 Bronze,
93175Berge & KreiselAustria3 Silver, 1 Bronze,
94175Built hospitality design groupUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
95175Deutsche Telekom AGGermany1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
96175T.W.O Agentur für Werbung und Markenprofil, Flor...Germany1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
97175C A DesignHong Kong1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
98175Davor Bruketa, Nikola Zinic (Creative Directors, A...Croatia1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze,
99150Horace Pan / Alan TseHong Kong3 Silver,
100150Todd Dalebroux, Trent JohnsonUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
101150Massimo GiorgettiUnited States3 Silver,
102150Dmize Dzigns Co., Ltd.China1 Gold, 1 Silver,
103150Soo-Bin YeoKorea, Republic of1 Gold, 1 Silver,
104150Hoon-Dong ChungKorea, Republic of1 Gold, 1 Silver,
105150School of Visual ArtsUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
106150Retail Design Collaborative, Studio One ElevenUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
107150Karen Michelle Evans, Ayka DesignUnited Kingdom1 Gold, 1 Silver,
108150Project Director: Steve Fine; Designer: Clare Barn...United States1 Gold, 2 Bronze,
109150Darrin Caddes, Jay Wilson, Gregor MagnussonAfghanistan1 Gold, 1 Silver,
110150Bentel and Bentel ArchitectsUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
111150meichi HeadpieceHong Kong1 Gold, 1 Silver,
112150School of Visual ArtsUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
113150Toby Breakspear, Steven Fighera, Tai Ropiha, Jerom...Australia1 Gold, 1 Silver,
114150At ArchitectsUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
115150Ingrid Kulper Design ABSweden1 Gold, 1 Silver,
116150Tom GouldUnited Kingdom1 Gold, 1 Silver,
117150Jason WhitworthUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
118150AdidasUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
119150ChijoffCoAustralia2 Silver, 2 Bronze,
120150Director / Creative Direction: Arturo Casares: Lan...China1 Gold, 1 Silver,
121150Florian MewesNetherlands1 Gold, 1 Silver,
122150Here Design Andrew GiddingsUnited Kingdom3 Silver,
123150Berk IlhanUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
124150Andrea MORANA, Luana RAOItaly1 Gold, 1 Silver,
125150Reino StudioBrazil1 Gold, 1 Silver,
126150Tongji UniversityChina1 Gold, 1 Silver,
127150Corinne RobertsUnited Kingdom1 Gold, 1 Silver,
128150Lauren Goldblum, Patrick WalshUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
129150Katrina Leigh by Katrina GaskinAustralia1 Gold, 1 Silver,
130150Yang Chao Design StudioChina1 Gold, 1 Silver,
131150Rockwell CollinsUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
132150Trey Trahan, FAIAUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
133150Rachel WinokurUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
134150George Nikolajevich, FAIA - Design principal Jaso...United States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
135150Albert Cheng-Syun Tang - ACST DesignTaiwan1 Gold, 1 Silver,
136150Chez Valois: Michel Valois, Louis BeaudoinCanada1 Gold, 2 Bronze,
137150Chia Min DaSingapore1 Gold, 1 Silver,
138150PROJECT TEAM Architects Platform for Archite...United States3 Silver,
139150Mary Bergtold-MulcahyUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
140150Chris O'Brien Wheeler, for FMI Brands Inc.Canada1 Gold, 1 Silver,
141150Ecobee and MacadamianCanada1 Gold, 1 Silver,
142150Sheldon HuiCanada1 Gold, 1 Silver,
143150Ng Wai Ming Chris, Urban Air Design LtdHong Kong3 Silver,
144150Art Direction: Nikolaus Hafermaas, Ueberall Intern...United States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
145150JOI-Design Interior ArchitectsGermany1 Gold, 2 Bronze,
146150Toby NgHong Kong1 Gold, 2 Bronze,
147150StauffacherBenz Design StudioSwitzerland1 Gold, 1 Silver,
148150Igor StanisljevicCroatia1 Gold, 1 Silver,
149150CatalystHong Kong1 Silver, 4 Bronze,
150150Design BallendatGermany1 Gold, 1 Silver,
151150emmanuelle moureauxJapan1 Gold, 1 Silver,
1521505 STYLEUnited Kingdom1 Gold, 1 Silver,
153150design@garten - Augsburg, Germany Alfred HartGermany1 Gold, 1 Silver,
154150i29 interior architectsNetherlands1 Gold, 1 Silver,
155150CL3 Architects Limited / openUU Limited Hong Kong2 Silver, 2 Bronze,
156150Lee DeokNyeongKorea, Republic of1 Gold, 1 Silver,
157150Mink TanSingapore3 Silver,
158150Eunsol Ansley LeeUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
159150Vortex Aquatic Structures InternationalCanada1 Gold, 1 Silver,
160150Benoit AmsUnited Kingdom1 Gold, 1 Silver,
161150Studio RED- Philip Bourgeois, Aaron Neuhauser, Mat...United States3 Silver,
162150AS Design Service LimitedHong Kong3 Silver,
163150Lee CooperUnited Kingdom1 Gold, 1 Silver,
164150Taewan KimKorea, Republic of1 Gold, 1 Silver,
165150LÄUFER Sweden1 Gold, 1 Silver,
166150Brand Communications-Applied UnderwritersUnited States1 Gold, 2 Bronze,
167150RAYCOPUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
168150Peter Ellis (Principle Designer), Tammy Chiew (De...Australia1 Gold, 1 Silver,
169150M.A.X. STUDIO co, ltdThailand1 Gold, 1 Silver,
170150Shane and Shawn WardUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
171150Someone CreativeUnited States2 Silver, 2 Bronze,
172150Ward + Blake ArchitectsUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
1731508CUFFHong Kong1 Gold, 1 Silver,
174150Joy LinUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
175150Octopus InnovationChina1 Gold, 1 Silver,
176150Alan LeeHong Kong1 Gold, 1 Silver,
177150Phoenixplux LtdHong Kong1 Gold, 1 Silver,
178150Touloukian Touloukian Inc.United States2 Silver, 2 Bronze,
179150Design Principal: Simon Park. Design Team: Thomas ...Hong Kong3 Silver,
180150Cloud Talk Art StoreTaiwan1 Gold, 1 Silver,
181150Kaila MethvenUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
182150company name: Biz EyesChina1 Gold, 1 Silver,
183150Mangera Yvars Architects (Myaa)United Kingdom3 Silver,
184150Guzin Ekici KizilaslanTurkey1 Gold, 1 Silver,
185150Yang LiChina1 Gold, 1 Silver,
186150Thai Techno Glass Co., Ltd.Thailand1 Gold, 1 Silver,
187150Ivorin Vrkaš, Bojan KrištofićCroatia1 Gold, 1 Silver,
188150Marco MandersNetherlands1 Gold, 1 Silver,
189150Yeo Wanqi & Lim Mei Luan JaslynSingapore1 Gold, 1 Silver,
190150Jonathan PfeifferUnited States2 Silver, 2 Bronze,
191150Bates Masi Architects: Harry Bates, Paul Masi, ...United States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
192150MOMOKAMEIJapan1 Gold, 1 Silver,
193150Lars BeckDenmark1 Gold, 1 Silver,
194150Chingo WuTaiwan1 Gold, 1 Silver,
195150Juseok ParkUnited States3 Silver,
196150Hugo & Marie United States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
197150Zhaoyi WangUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
198150Joshua Chen, Max SpectorUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
199150Jen Wei HuangTaiwan1 Gold, 1 Silver,
200150Thinkso CreativeUnited States3 Silver,
201150Consultant:VITTI-DPM-AIA Consortium; Architect:Iqb...Bangladesh1 Gold, 1 Silver,
202150Mecanoo architectenNetherlands1 Gold, 1 Silver,
203150Jesus Del PozoSpain3 Silver,
204150Christine Barbour, Partner Brianne Verstat, ASIDUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
205150Sruli RechtIceland1 Gold, 1 Silver,
206150Hyekang Oh , Taeho Lee, Keejung Song,Iizuka Mikio,...Korea, Republic of1 Gold, 1 Silver,
207150Wil Ken EeMalaysia1 Gold, 1 Silver,
208150ERIC CAI DESIGN CO.China1 Gold, 1 Silver,
209150Nuno Valentim and Frederico EçaPortugal1 Gold, 1 Silver,
210150Owadja & Gstrein DesignsSwitzerland1 Gold, 1 Silver,
211150Hottoh Design Pte LtdSingapore2 Silver, 2 Bronze,
212150Timur BozcaTurkey1 Gold, 1 Silver,
213150Behavior DesignUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
214150SLHO & ASSOCIATES LTD.Hong Kong1 Gold, 1 Silver,
215150Chrisandra Heng, Shafie Latiff, Brandon liu, Steve...Singapore1 Gold, 1 Silver,
216150Dries Van Noten Sweden1 Gold, 1 Silver,
217150Wuhan University of TechnologyChina1 Gold, 1 Silver,
218150Designer: Sheng-Hung Lee, Wan Kee Lee - Advisor: T...China1 Gold, 2 Bronze,
219150Total IdentityNetherlands1 Gold, 1 Silver,
220150Bret Recor, Seth Murray, Matthew SwintonUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
221150Koichi Takada ArchitectsAustralia1 Gold, 1 Silver,
222150Emily Carr University of Art and DesignCanada1 Gold, 1 Silver,
223150Changzhi Lee Singapore1 Gold, 1 Silver,
224150University of HoustonUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
225150Kristof Retezár and Bojan MasirevicAustria1 Gold, 1 Silver,
226150Institute of Technology in Architecture Faculty o...Switzerland1 Gold, 1 Silver,
227150dsignedbyYugoslavia1 Gold, 1 Silver,
228150Dilem AkınerTurkey1 Gold, 1 Silver,
229150Nikola VucicevicUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
230150Salim Kanaan, Paul de mar YousefLebanon1 Gold, 1 Silver,
23115028 Design Consultancy - Anis Bengiuma, Nuno Pereir...Qatar1 Gold, 1 Silver,
232150Tektos Ecosystems LimitedHong Kong1 Gold, 1 Silver,
233150Giorgio CaporasoItaly2 Silver, 2 Bronze,
234150Munchkin, IncUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
235150KEAT ONGSingapore3 Silver,
236150Laura Kim and Fernando GarciaUnited States1 Gold, 1 Silver,
237125William ChanSingapore1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
238125National Taiwan University of Science and Technolo...Taiwan1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
239125Jason LinUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
240125Hong Kong OapesHong Kong1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
241125OFFICINA ITALIANA DESIGN SRLItaly2 Silver, 1 Bronze,
242125Origin ArchitectChina1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
243125Chantalbavaud Product DesignSwitzerland1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
244125Roberto Maurizio Paura, Sara VallerianiItaly1 Silver, 3 Bronze,
245125Thought At Work TeamUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
246125myBrain Technologies, Victor D'HalluinFrance1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
247125Junghwan (Albert) SonUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
248125LSU Graphic Design Student Office, Eric Olivier, N...United States2 Silver, 1 Bronze,
249125Brand CreativeUnited Arab Emirates1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
250125Tongji UniversityChina1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
251125Jesse LeeworthyAustralia1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
252125Kanan ShahUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
253125Jessie, LiaoUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
254125Queensland Art GalleryAustralia2 Silver, 1 Bronze,
255125Phiaton Design TeamUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
256125Ning LiUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
257125Dan Menchions, Keith Rushbrook, Allan Tse, Paolo F...Canada1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
258125KallistaUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
259125Munchkin Inc.United States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
260125National University of SingaporeSingapore1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
261125NUDE DESIGN LIMITED, NATASHA O. USHERHong Kong1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
262125POOJA VERMAIndia1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
263125Paul Mulder Albert BuringNetherlands2 Silver, 1 Bronze,
264125Joel IskowitzUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
265125Kira PlastininaUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
266125PolimodaGermany1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
267125Kim InSuKorea, Republic of2 Silver, 1 Bronze,
268125Art and Creative Direction: Aesthetic Movement (...United States2 Silver, 1 Bronze,
269125Deborah RobertsUnited Kingdom2 Silver, 1 Bronze,
270125Adrian LOHong Kong1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
271125PS DesignUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
272125Art Center College of DesignUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
273125Paul Liu Design Consultants Ltd.China1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
274125GaltiscopioFrance1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
275125Sebastian Tay, Alice OngSingapore1 Silver, 3 Bronze,
276125Joan CascanteMariana EidlerSpain1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
277125Mecanoo architectenUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
278125Kyle HarrisonUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
279125Designer : Yuhkichi Kawai, Photographer : Toshihid...Malaysia1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
280125Quinn ThompsonUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
281125School of Visual ArtsUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
282125Soochow University China, National Dong Hwa Univer...Taiwan1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
283125Qiuwen LiUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
284125Young Bum KimUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
285125Yasamin zadmehrIran (Islamic Republic of)1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
286125REM-FitUnited States2 Silver, 1 Bronze,
287125Bishop Design LLCUnited Arab Emirates2 Silver, 1 Bronze,
288125Mckall Rowley, Houston Trueblood, Emily BunnellUnited States1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
289125Robert Mills ArchitectsAustralia2 Silver, 1 Bronze,
290125Aiji Inoue, Yuki KanaiJapan2 Silver, 1 Bronze,
291125G.Ríos Furniture Mexico1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
292125Fernando PradoBrazil1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
293125SANJAY PURI ARCHITECTSIndia2 Silver, 1 Bronze,
294125KEGGENHOFF I PARTNER Sabine Keggenhoff, Michael T...Germany1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
295125CocHong Kong1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
2961252FRESHTurkey2 Silver, 1 Bronze,
297125National Taiwan University of Science and Technolo...Taiwan2 Silver, 1 Bronze,
298125DesignwerkUnited Kingdom1 Gold, 1 Bronze,
299125BEAMY - Ronn Lee, Bao Lin Ching, Yutien PengChina1 Silver, 3 Bronze,
300125Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLPUnited States2 Silver, 1 Bronze,