Sea Song

Lead DesignerJohn Marx
Prize(s)1st Place in Architecture Categories / Conceptual
Entry Description

Inspired by the craggy coast of Big Sur, California, Sea Song is an uplifting and poetic home, living in harmony with the wild environment of the peninsula it is located on.

With strong references to the ocean and creatures of the sea, the arrangement of three pavilions resembles a trio of gliding Manta Rays. The pavilions house three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and office space, and are arranged for a minimal footprint within the natural landscape.

The interiors of these elegant, mostly glass, structures were deliberately kept simple, with minimal furniture and art, to relate directly with the sea and the surround hills and trees they are nestled within.

The structures cocoon themselves at night in insulating shades to protect from fierce winds. Designed to be self-sustaining: photo voltaics and self-cleaning glass, support off-the-grid living in these net zero and LEED Platinum structures.


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