Renovations for guest lodging services like Airbnb

CompanyRBaba Inc.
Lead DesignerRyuji Baba
ClientRyuji Baba
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Renovations for the 2nd, 3rd floors and rooftops of houses
intended for guest lodging services like Airbnb.
Brand Concept: “To live in a high-class ryokan, charter
Japanese rock garden illuminations”

Airbnb Concept: “Travel to live.” We have 3 “Japanese
modern” design points, which take into account the 2020
Tokyo Olympic concept “Cool Japan” and a feeling of true

1. “Event Feel”: Illuminations for traditional dry landscapes
and rock garden for experiencing Japanese “Zen Culture”

2. “Originality”: For the interior design of walls, beams,
pillars, and tatami floors, we composed an fresh, original
three-color color scheme similar to high-ranking ryokan

3. “Comfortability”: In “Japanese Modern” style, we use
interior planning which will make your foreign guests feel at

By distributing renovations to old properties equal to high-
class ryokans, we can help contribute a solution to the
problem of empty houses and hotel shortages.


<< Home Staging by RBaba >>

[1. The Standard for Mass Production of Home Staging for Living Alone ]

>>The points of Our Home staging as a solution for management
1. Differentiation of properties
2. Pioneering new needs for customers
3. Exhibition halls nationwide at low cost
4. Visualization of model room design

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