Lead DesignerFrancois Hurtaud
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Prize(s)1st Place in Accessory / Watches
Entry Description

MYKU is committed to creating intrinsic and timeless designs, carefully crafted from materials that will withstand the test of time. The Elemental Classic Series I focuses on minimal design using natural stones. Made in Swiss, this watch celebrates classic sophistication with a contemporary aesthetics. Both the cultural symbolism and the natural beauty of the selected and elusive stones inspired us. For centuries, the practical application of stone has included use in architecture, art and jewelry. The meaning that stones carry has also been extolled, precious pieces passed down through generations. Cutting stones in a way that reveals the inner, layered beauty requires high precision and meticulous skills. The layers take millions of years to form, and only artfully slicing through the top, tough layer reveals the true inherent beauty of a stone. Each cut results in a unique stone face. Our one-of-a-kind carry the weight and longevity of these stones.


Founder & Managing Director, Kuan Teo has
extensive professional experience in the Asia-
Pacific region, coupled with an acute and innate
entrepreneurial flair. Singaporean born and raised,
after graduating in accountancy from Australia,
Kuan has garnered in-depth financial, management
and marketing skills, over the past 20 years, with
mid-sized to multi-national corporations. As VP of
Marketing for John Hardy, Kuan’s passion, drive and
understanding for sustainable living, the exclusivity
of customer desires, semi-precious stones and
their symbolism, as well as the meticulous process
of jewellery creation, were all finely tuned. The
combination of these elements inspired MYKU, as
Kuan aspired to create and innovate an affordable,
yet unique and understatedly luxurious, product with
respect for the environment, people and simplified

Partner & Designer, François Hurtaud is passionate
about using conceptual thinking to realise tangible
solutions to satisfy user needs. A French national,
he graduated in Industrial Design from L’École
de Design de Nantes, France, before moving to
Shanghai University, China, to complete a Masters
in Advanced Studies in Cross-Cultural Design. His
professional experience took him to Hong Kong
and Canada, where he acquired and honed diverse
design skills, becoming Head Designer for several
companies. He understands the power of social and
sustainable design, cross-cultural and educational
aspirations, and the precarious balance of function
and form in luxury design and production. Francois
has been the recipient of multiple, international
design awards and accolades, such as Red-Dot, CES
and Good Design, before choosing to collaborate
with Kuan on the start-up of MYKU.