East Village Urban Marketplace

Lead DesignerKoichi Takada
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Prize(s)1st Place in Architecture Categories / New Commercial Building
Entry Description

East Village introduces a unique shopping experience by creating an urban marketplace under a forest canopy. With a sustainable approach at the heart of the vision, we designed to let nature in - to express an organic beauty using raw colour, texture, honest materiality and engaging our senses.

‘Forests’ is a theme of East Village interior design that builds on the architectural concept of hybrid mix-use residential living in a park.

Our experience of today’s shopping centres is very internalized and artificial, often air-conditioned, over-stylized and with highly polished materials. Our interior design concept for East Village challenges the common perception of such an artificial retail experience by introducing more natural elements. The use of raw timber materials combined with natural light creates an inviting space and continuity and balance between the external and interior environment.