Branded Environment for Mercer

CompanyLopez Design Pvt. Ltd.
Lead DesignerAnthony Lopez
ClientAnthony Lopez
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

A globally recognized leader in the field of consulting,
Mercer values its employees and considers them its
greatest asset. Mercer commissioned Lopez Design to
instill their rich and multi layered corporate philosophy
into workspaces so it would filter into the
consciousness of their people. Lopez Design created
environment graphics using the metaphor of the Tree
of Life in a nuanced way: the roots represented values,
the trunk stood for talent, the branches signified the
areas of specialization and the fruits depicted success.
The multifaceted nature of Mercer is showcased in
installations at the entrances of two levels, drawing
from the belief that every individual is unique and
contributes to the spectacular force of the
organization in unison. Break out areas based on Old
London and Istanbul gave added relief to the corporate
environment, which was overall transformed to a warm
and energetic space, with which all Mercer people
could connect.