Canberra Airport Hotel

CompanyBates Smart
Lead DesignerPhilip Vivian
ClientPhilip Vivian
Project LinkView
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Our aim is to create a uniquely “Canberran” hotel interior
using circles and axes to respond to Walter Burley-Griffin’s
original vision for the city. The interior is aesthetically
integrated with the architectural expression of the hotel,
creating a holistic approach to the building expression.
The focus of the hotel is a dramatic circular interior space
that unites the rooms. White circular balustrades contrast
with darkened circulation spaces, allowing guests to
discretely access their rooms while creating a heightened
drama to the interior. A constellation of random circular
skylights casts distinctive beams of light.

Interior elements reference the circular geometry, enclosed
functions on the ground floor are contained within gold-clad

The radial geometry of the rooms maximise connection with
the view, while circular screens provide enhanced privacy.
Warm natural materials including leather, wood and
travertine creates a timeless interior, heightened by the use
of reds, and oranges in the fabrics.