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Lead DesignersNATASHA O. USHER
Prize(s)Gold in Interior Design / Institutional
Entry Description

VICTORIA KINDERGARTEN NURSERY – Institution (25,000SF – Hong Kong)

A playful atmosphere is created through the use of pastel tones and fun design elements to engage the attention of children. There were many challenges in the school as we only had a 30 day construction period for 25,000sq.ft space. Given that this was a renovation project not a newly built school, we had only the summer holiday timeframe to design and construct the nursery with existing limitations.

Designing a space for young children entails a lot of study and survey at the current school. Everything a young child touches and sees must be considered from a safety standpoint which meant non-toxic materials, durable clean finishes, rounded corners and interactive objects. We meticulously and successfully designed decorative features and furniture keeping in mind a lower vision plane that engages children to enjoy.