Eteo, Drops of Blessing

Lead DesignerAristotelis Barakos
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Prize(s)3rd Place in Print / Packaging
Entry Description

The brand name “Eteo” has its origins in the antiquity, when Homer ushered-in the word “eteos” to describe the genuine inhabitants of the island of Crete, the Eteocretans and is a way to show the origins of our Olives.
Considering the brand’s tagline, Drops Of Blessing, the design of the bottle resembles the organic shape of a drop. The use of two genuine elements — porcelain and olive tree wood — borrowed from Mother Earth and brought into harmony with one another, are creating the “perfect drop” shape of the bottle.
The packaging materials are chosen for their practical and symbolic characteristics.Ceramic offers the best protection from direct light, air and everything that harms Olive Oil quality and has been used since ancient times. The cap is made of Olive tree wood, a material with complex grain structures of colors ranging from cream through pink to black.


Since his very first years, Aristotelis was able to empirically understand the performance and processes of manual labor which was conducted with absolute precision and diligence, while growing up in a Exclusive Mens Tailors family.
After years of working as a model maker and constructor for major international film and museum productions, he enrolled for a BA in Product Design at AKTO Art & Design College in Athens and graduated in 2013.

Since his graduation, Aristotelis is working as Product designer for a number of Start Ups and Companies located in Greece, US and Asia, focusing on design for manufacturing, while also working in parallel on personal projects.

Through his work, he strives to speak a global language while maintaining his own dialect, that reflects elements of his local culture and life experiences. His vision is to create unique and human-centered products that satisfy needs, by combining technology with human factors, ergonomics and design thinking.

Every design project begins with an extensive research in order to enrich his knowledge on each particular field. The process goes on with an initial display, using both hand-drawn sketches and 3d modeling. Through the use of working mockups and 3D printed prototypes, he provides a natural three-dimensional representation of the object. This creative dialogue raises the level of inventiveness in his work and assists in turning ideas into something tangible, something that clients can feel with their own hands. Moreover, he engages in teamwork with engineers and manufacturers to further refine these ideas, find the best production methods, materials and get the best results out of them.

The products Aristotelis has designed, range from Ceramics, Pieces of Furniture, Packaging and Every-day objects to State-of-the-art technological devices and systems.