DNA origami poster (D-Sign-Lab exhibition poster)

DesignerDanne Ojeda
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Entry Description

The poster transforms into a 3D DNA structure to promote the esencial design elements of the exhibition D-Sign-Lab which centred on a relation between art, design and science. Translucent paper was selected not only to make feasible the folded DNA origami structure, but also to be able to read the bilingual texts—Spanish and Czech—at once but also apart from each other [Spanish text (blue ink) is printed in reverse order in the back, while Czech text (red ink) is printed in the front side of the poster]. When pasting posters together a festive and celebrative structure appears which helps to promote de exhibition as an enjoyable event. The main objective was to create a poster that would visually act as a metaphor for the essence of the mentioned exhibition. DNAs carry the esencial genetic human "codes", thus, the poster acts likewise by communicating the essence of the exhibition D-Sign-Lab.

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