Zen Industry

Lead DesignerEric Tam
Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

Our main purpose is to abandon traditional styles and to mix simple contemporary styles as well as to highlight the principle theme, Zenism. We believe that every design detail affects the living for the home owner. In consideration of the opinion of the owner, we disregard the stereotypical traditional Chinese decorative patterns, and resort to the matching colours of materials to obtain the most appropriate zen sense. In terms of storage space, we meet every requirement of the owner, but not trivially. We believe that we have presented our client a fulfilling home.


ET Design is an interior design company with construction services located in Macao. Established in 2003 and now being run by Director, Eric Tam. ET Design provided hard and soft furnishing interior design for residential and commercial spaces. Under Eric’s direction, our team of talented designers and constructors has achieved over 250 designs in production and proudly won over 20 international interior design awards. Our projects covers Macao, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Awards and Prize

Since 2012, ET Design have won over 20 international interior design awards including:
- International Property Award (UK)
- A'Design Award & Competition (Italy)
- K-Design Award (Korea)
- IDA Design Award
- IAI Design Excellence Award - Asia Pacific Designer's Federation (China);
- Idea-Tops, International Space Design Award (China)
- Successful Design Award (China)
- Jin Tang Prize, China Interior Design Award
- I-Ding International Design Award (China)
- Golden Lotus International Design Award (China)
- Modern Home Design Award (Hong Kong)
- GO HOME Interior Awards (Hong Kong)
- Squarefoot Best of the Best Award (Hong Kong)
- IB Interior Design Award (Hong Kong)

Some of the above awards were won multiple times.