Mr. Robot Soundtrack Album Packaging

Lead DesignerJohn Bergin
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Assignment: A Double-CD set. Jewel case with O-Card slipcase. 8 Page booklet. Create CD packaging that recalls video gaming packages and artwork from the 1980s.

I treated the Mr. Robot story as if it were a video game itself. Important story points are reinterpreted into the world of a 1980s video game. I asked myself “What would the gameplay be like? hat sort of challenges would a player confront?”

I wrote scenarios for ten different game levels. I created maps and scenes for each level, along with tips for gameplay. All of this is presented in the CD booklet as though it was a game manual.

To mimic the limitations and imperfections of old print technology, I programmed my digital tools to be limited and error-prone. Art is smudged and scratched as if plates or film negatives were damaged.