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H OM E OMOR PH ISM Dome A/V Performance IAIA | Institute of American Indian Arts in New Mexico, USA CERN, The European Organization for Nuclear Research , Geneva, Switzerland SAT, Société des arts technologiques [SAT], Montreal, Canada A homeomorphism, also called a continuous transformation, is an equivalence relation and one-to-one correspondence between points in two geometric figures or topological spaces that is continuous in both directions. Many forms observed in nature can be related to geometry. In accordance with classical geometry, the shapes that found in nature are consisting of lines and planes, circles and spheres,triangles and cones. These shapes actually are a powerful abstraction of reality, so we need primitive objects to give a form and understand the complex structure that exists in nature.Our starting point was topography and primitive object’s pertinent points of overlap. The inspirationcomes from the extreme diversity of New Mexico’s landforms

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Ouchhh is a award winning creative new media studio with expertise in animation, motion graphics and public art. We integrate art, science and technology in everywork we create. We have offices in Istanbul, and partnerships in Vienna, Barcelona and Berlin. We consider ourselves to be a multidisciplinary creative hub focused on interactive new media platforms, kinetic sculptures, immersive experiences, offering direction, art direction and producing video mapping projections. Our works have received multiple accolades and awards in the international arena. We have been featured at Ars Electronica 4 times and became Istanbul's first new media agency to win 2 FELIS and 2 Crystal Apple Awards, in addition to an Honorable Mention from City University of Hong Kong. From show-stopping outdoor A/V performances to groundbreaking graphics creations, we consider each project as a challenge and take a fresh and unique approach for all our work. From Google to CERN to Nike to Cosmopolitan to WIRED, our collaborators transcend all industries and all continents.