Lead DesignerRon Ferencz
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Industrial And Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery
Entry Description

This project demonstrates the future of eye surgery.
a medical robot that can perform a transatlantic and transnational surgery, can enable Patients receive treatment by Vitreous surgeons while far away.
The surgeon can use a console to operate this robot remotely located.
285 million people with eye diseases and diabetes as a result of old age. 25 million (in industrialized countries) diseases retina, leading to blindness. Retinal surgery is complex and delicate, with only very skilled surgeons perform the surgery.
Vitreous is a robot that performs transatlantic retinal surgery. It’s designed to look visually pleasing but also confident. The circular ring acts as a hub for the design, housing the mechanical arms, almost camouflaging them . Transatlantic surgeries involve the patient sitting in one location, while the surgeon sits elsewhere, operating on the patient via the robot.
Soft forms, along with a mainly white body promotes an air of calmness, allowing the patient to relax.


My name is Ron Ferencz ,I am new Graduated with honors at the industrial design department at Shenkar College of Design, Engineering and Arts in Israel.
My belief is that every designer must feel a strong desire, joy, and infinite passion for creation. First, the designer must remove all his preconceptions regarding the product he is working on, while braking all barriers and boundaries: rethinking questions of beauty, how things should work and what makes sense... only then can the designer pour his opinions, emotions, intentions and soul, into his ideas.

Throughout my work process, I find great importance knowing that I am dealing with other people. Therefor I try to put myself aside, trying to understand the person
vision, feelings and dreams.

Since childhood, much of my life I dealt with music, jazz for specific. As a professional saxophone player I preformed on many stages all over Israel and the world. Since I entered the world of design, I feel that as in jazz improvisation, I have the possibility of expressing myself freely, honestly and creatively. And by doing that, I believe I can make a substantial contribution to society and mankind.

In the last academic studies I started working in the studio of PADWA DESIGN, in Tel Aviv, Israel.