DesignerFarokh Damania
Prize2nd Place in Interior Design / Sustainable Living/Green
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Entry Description

‘Hyperlapse’ Airport Lounge a proposed annexe for the International Airport hub at Heathrow in London designed with the key focus of tackling the issue of jet-lag associated with International travel. Farokh Damania’s design focuses upon creating an entirely unique experience where passengers can enjoy time in spaces that will help to re-calibrate their internal clocks. The design is layered into three levels each simulating a time zone that reflects their final destination. Each layer provides activities that reflect this time zone with daytime Parkland at the top level, an evening street scene in the middle and night time luxury hotel environment at the bottom. This final level is set below ground to help manage day lighting issues. By creating these spaces Farokh believes passengers can arrive refreshed and connected with their final destination’s time zone. The Airport Lounge building captures a sense of time through the development of three experiential levels.

About Designer

Farokh Damania is passionate about designing the architectural and interior design aspects of any kind of commercial, public, environmental, retail or residential spaces. He studied Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Rachana Sansad School of Interior Design, Mumbai, where he got to learn the basic knowledge in the field of Interior Design and thus setting a strong foundation for his successful career ahead of him. The degree also helped him to start using his creativity in the field. On completing his Bachelors Degree in Interior Design he worked as an intern for 4 months in Mumbai, India. Farokh Damania decided to continue his studies overseas as he liked the field of Interior Design a lot. He arrived in the UK in September 2014 to study his Master of Arts in Interior Design at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), United Kingdom. The journey was so exciting as this was both the first time he had left India and encountered international travel. The airport experience and that of moving through different time zones was bewildering and quickly became his focus for his research and design i.e. 'Hyperlapse' - A proposed design of Airport lounge for Heathrow's new Terminal which would be built by the year 2030. He achieved a distinction in his Masters due to his incredible portfolio.