Little Bishop Pendant Light Hook

Lead DesignerAntony Richards
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

A ceiling hook designed specifically for drop pendant lights (hang lamps), the Little Bishop positions and holds light fittings in saintly style.

Skilfully shaped and cast by hand, the lighting cable is guided to "cloak" the Little Bishop with no knot, and a seamless hang from the ceiling makes it genuinely unique in form and function.

The Little Bishop uses negative space to create a form with positive results. An asymmetrical groove is wrapped around a cylinder, overlapping itself. The depth of the groove at the junction means that the cable applies pressure on itself, locking it into position. In addition, friction as well as a tight turn, makes for a hold that will support pendant lights up to three kilograms.

There are three lengths of post section available – small, medium and large – 45mm, 80mm, and 120mm respectively.