Chris Cran Exhibition Catalogue

Designer“Stefan Canuel, Designer” “National Gallery of Canada”
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

It was essential that the design of this catalogue be sympathetic to the work of this contemporary artist. The halftone dot was chosen as an approach for the cover as this technique has been one constant in the artist’s multifaceted career. The colour sleeve was incorporated as a way to reference the many layers in this artist’s practice, and the use of one of the Chorus faces on the cover was a humorous nod to the visitor experience. A selection of Chorus works were also used throughout the catalogue as dividers between sections. The rationale behind this was to tie the inside of the book in with the cover and extend the idea of commentary and the importance of the halftone in this artist’s work. A spot-UV varnish was used on the cover to give the image a three-dimensional quality similar to his works.

About Designer

Accredited (RGD) Ottawa-based multi-faceted designer with more than twenty years of experience in the design and creative industry, including high-profile exhibition design and editorial. He blends innovation with practicality and an unswerving focus on results. Stefan excels at all elements of the creative process and has a multifaceted approach to design, his work span many areas and mediums. As a professional, he works every day to forge profound links between organizations and their audiences through clear, creative, effective and well-managed designs and strategies.