Correspondence in D Minor

DesignerLana Rigsby | Carmen Garza
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Correspondence in D Minor represents Texas novelist James R. Dennis’ debut as a poet. (James is co-author of the Miles Arceneaux mystery series.) Many of the poems in this collection take the form of fictional letters to/from literary, historical or Biblical figures. Critical reviews are effusive: Texas Poet Laureate Rosemary Catacalos cites the collection’€™s "fine, leavening humor and compelling engagement with the mystery of being alive,” and award-winning author Noel Crook calls the book "a humdinger of a debut.” The design blog, Under Consideration, notes approvingly that the small-run letterpress book “takes a crafter’s pride in the technical minutia that separate it from others like it.”