Office of Danny Chiu Interior Designs Limited

DesignerDanny Chiu Interior Designs Limited, Chiu Chi Ming Danny
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Entry Description

Boundless Office, Creative Space Apart from focusing on spatial planning and colour combination, adding playful elements and introducing home intelligence systems in this 2,700 square foot office are also the highlights. As a workplace fostering creativity, the design is contemporary yet playful. Black palette is used extensively throughout the workplace while several shades of grey are added to create layering to the interiors. However, a hint of nature is introduced thanks to the warm walnut wood feature walls. Besides, transparent materials are widely used as partition to further highlight the spaciousness of the office. The leisure and entertainment zone is a significant design that enables staff to take a break from busy work. The digital print feature wall of a Manhattan night scene there also helps stimulate inspiration. Most importantly, the overall design emphasizes on the implementation of environmentally friendly practices, such as the use of energy saving lighting system.

About Designer

Danny Chiu,a professional member of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association,obtained a Diploma in Interior and Environmental Design from the Hong Kong Chingying Institute of Visual Arts in 1998. After graduation,Danny worked in several internationally renowned design firms to earn experience.Later in 2009,he established the company Danny Chiu Interior Designs develop his own business. Danny's living philosophy “Enjoy Your Design Life” has totally reflected on his work. He believes a design is regarded as successful only when it brings enjoyment to the user,and so does the designer.