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Entry Description

The villa’s interior design inspiration comes from life philosophy, and implements the design concept of embedding and integrating objects with their surrounding space and environment to create a kind of communication and a mutual demand for free atmosphere, mood and behaviors. Through associating a place, a person or a certain family activity with a certain kind of life, we can feel the longing for “poetic landscapes”. At this time, the existence of space triggers a feeling of free movement, a strolling in the environment, a state of mind, and more importantly, it guides people instead of leading them to everywhere…

About Designer

Poetic Landscapes is the core design concept of HONidea---respect nature and pay attention to the delivery of spatial relations, atmosphere, aesthetics and mood fusion. Its orientation is small and medium sized research design agency, focusing on the design areas of indoor spatial planning, display art, product development, brand planning and so on. With design language, balance of expressing the intersection of art and commerce, it takes the corporate strategy of customer design into consideration.