Let's Build the House! - Donation visualization tool for the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island

Lead DesignerNigel Sielegar
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Ronald McDonald House is a nonprofit organization providing comfort and shelter to families experiencing the pain of having a sick child in local hospital facilities. Focusing on the transparency of the organization to the donors, we created a donation visualization tool in the form of collectible limited edition toy blocks. Each toy block represent the impact a donation have on the lives of people helped by the charity organization. For example, a donation of $150 covers a one night stay for a family, in which the donors allowed to bring home one of the bedroom block as a thank you from the house. The entire set are sold for $2000 and the proceed goes straight to the charity organization.

The goal for this visualization tool is not only to showcase the donors impact for the organization, but also to increase the average donation from the donors.