DesignerDiogo Montes
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Visual identity for Placebo, an album by João Cavalcanti. Placebo is intimate, intense and ironic. Separately, the songs sound very different from each other. When combined in an album, they clearly belong together. Visually, I wanted to create a similar feeling, by making different pieces of art beautifully coexist, generating unity out of diversification.
The cover is inspired by the classic “silence” hospital poster. But here the nurse is sexy and shady, inviting you to engage as an accomplice. It’s like she’s saying: “shhh, it’s placebo, don’t tell anyone”. The booklet artwork is inspired by each song’s main sentiment, visually immersing the audience in the song. Even though they’re very different from each other, the visual treatment and the unique color scheme ties it all together as if they’re telling one single story. Just like the music does.

About Designer

I work as Creative Director, Art Director and Visual Designer for advertising, design and digital agencies. On the side, I focus on creative projects for the arts & culture industry. I love what I do. I love coming up with innovative ideas, creating visual identities, exploring looks & feels, and I love doing it by being hands-on or by directing a team of diversified talents. My focus on craft and passion for solving visual and conceptual problems naturally led every step of my career. From the very beginning working for award-winning creative shops in Rio to my freelance career in NYC.