Pop-up Store at PMQ for the 2nd HK-SZ Design Biennale

DesignerWyan Yeung Li-shung
Entry Description

The Pop-up Store at PMQ for the 2nd Hong Kong-Shenzhen Design Biennale is located in PMQ, Hong Kong, which is a site with several layers of historical significance. The building is listed as a Grade III historic building since 2010. We think design is a practice that is closely knitted with a city’s social, cultural, historical and political forces. In order for visitors to gain experience and understanding of how this pop-up store reflects social behaviour, we used the local materials commonly found in Hong Kong: steel rod and neon sign. Steel rod is the must-have material in the construction sites, especially in this rapidly changing city with new buildings every day; Neon sign is commonly found outside the shops in the old streetscapes, rooted in the neon city of Hong Kong. Both materials, the symbol of development-in-progress in the modern era and the nostalgic symbol of fast-disappearing urban fixtures respectively.