Logo Canisius

Lead DesignerFolkert Kattemölle
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

A logodesign for interiorstylist called Esther Canisius - from Holland. The typographical logo represents the sensable tension and the perfect balance that will exist after the work of the interiorstylist. It will bring a special Canisiustouch and you will still have the space to fill in and complete the atmosphere of a living or workspace, with your own feelings and desires.

The logo says the name of the designer but also the feeling of less is more and the pleasant tension of things that are not there.


I'ma graphic designer/art director and chairman of a 4 person designcollective. I studied graphic design at the Royal academie of fine arts in The Hague and art direction and conceptdevelopment at the academie in Utrecht. My interests are design, film, photography, traveling and wine.