Club del Gusto

DesignerMikhail Puzakov
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Club del Gusto is a taster`s club conducting culinary events, workshops, competitions, rankings, ratings and awards. Lily in the form of fresh herbs and spices from the garden symbolizes royal status of club`s members and award-winning contestants. «Club del Gusto» style is composed of a wide range of different graphic element, based on the concept of a professional dinner table serving. The symbol of lily is main brand's style graphic motif: the lily is found on the handles of flatware, like the family crest, and ornamental tablecloths, indicating the royal status of the club supplies in all style details. Logo as lily is used as the primary brand identifier, vector engraving of flatware, tablecloths and patterns are used for the decoration of the advertising and collateral surfaces of any format and size.