6th Floor Rear Flat

Lead DesignerHE Xiao-Ping, LI Xing-Lin
ClientHE Xiao-Ping
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The project name takes the same name of a HK movie,
which is about chasing dream. For the owner, this name
stands for youth, vitality, mutual-aid and dream. He has a
strong desire for communication and the boundary between
working and living within this space to be weakened. Thus,
our design takes container as the design concept, using
industrial elements such as cement, handmade decorative
tile, white cement brick and black iron creates an office
space full of fun. To realize the initial goal of building a
stronger community relation within this limited working
space, the space has been divided into 3 separated working
areas and a public leisure space and subleased to a group
of young entrepreneurs. Together, they form a dynamic and
passionate community of entrepreneurs. This is also a
baptism for the post-80s under the interweaving, swinging
and determination of desires and limitations of reality.