Katt3 - Trendy House For Cat

Lead DesignerVeronique Bibeau-Poissant
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Prize(s)3rd Place in Flora And Fauna / Pet accessories
Entry Description

Katt3 - Trendy house for cat

The cat can rest, spy, scratch and play in his new house built by his master. The modular concept of the Katt3 allows multiple building configurations that can evolve with the cat and reflect its likings and needs without compromising any decor.

It’s a breeze to put together, taking only minutes to create an awesome design! The four walls can easily be customized with accessories to the cat’s specific needs in an infinity of layouts.

A specialist in feline behavior joined the design team to validate the Katt3 development. The Katt3 can be customized to suit growing and aging cat’s health as well as the number of cats in the household.

The Katt3 is offered in an efficient flat packaging. In stores, it maximizes the profit per square foot since the volume needed per unit is reduced to minimum.



It began with the story of a dreamer and his best friend. The bond between Anthony and Wink was strong from the beginning. So when Wink got old, all he thought about was making his dog’s life easier. It all started with the idea of thinking outside the box, an outlook he embraced from becoming a key player at IKEA. Bringing his expertise to bear, he created a revolutionary memory foam bed. As a reward, Wink would now sleep more comfortably. Why not make it accessible to all dogs around the world then? From an innovative product idea, he developed a mindset rooted in wellbeing, style and accessibility. This meant doing things differently: pushing boundaries, innovating and designing beyond animal needs. He gathered family members and contacts that shared his dream. Together, they formed an organization, a family, a breed. A few months later, BeOneBreed was born, grounded on comfort, wellbeing and fun. Today, the Winks of the world can benefit from high quality affordable products. Created for their wellbeing, designed for your lifestyle.

Be a part of the dream, be a part of the breed.
- Anthony Deraps, founder of BeOneBreed