Kindred Company Store

CompanyRetail Habitats, LLC
Lead DesignerBrian Weltman
ClientBrian Weltman
Project LinkView
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Founded out of the back of a horse-drawn cart in 1906, American Greetings has grown to
become the largest greeting card company in the world.

For decades they were headquartered outside of Cleveland, OH in the suburb of Brooklyn,
however continued expansion led to a need for larger accommodations and a brand new
facility was planned at the up-and-coming Crocker Park development in nearby Westlake.

High on a wish list of features for this new home was a one-of-a-kind company store that
could serve as both a showcase of “out of the box” retail display ideas as well as an
"employee appreciation area" that offered exclusive items, local art installations, etc.

Thus, Retail Habitats was brought into the fold to create an environment that would honor
the spirit of a company committed to making everyday connections a little more meaningful
at every brand touch point.